Auto Recycling and Cash for Cars

We are always looking for running or non-running vehicles to purchase.

Do you have an old junk car taking up room in your backyard or driveway? Let us help you clear up some space and get that unsightly car out of your way! If you have a junk car taking up unwanted space, turn that into cash today with Ace Auto Recycling. 

We pay cash on the spot when the tow truck arrives to pick up your vehicle. We will need the keys, documents, and vehicle at the time of pick-up. Once we exchange our documents, we will pay you cash and haul your car away. Our team members are highly trained and work at a fast pace. From the time of our arrival, it should only take 5 minutes.

Our drivers are trained to get vehicles out of any spot. Backyards or alleyways are no problem for us. We carry top of the line equipment to make all towing tasks easy and fast.


Scrap Metal Prices:

Prices are always changing for scrap cars. The prices usually change from month to month. Keep in mind if you sold a car last month or two months ago for $400, and this month you are getting offered $200, it's most likely because the prices of metal have dropped. There are two main reasons why they fluctuate; market price and industry demand. 

Market Price: Just like the stock market, the value of metal changes constantly. 

Industry Demand: Prices can change depending on the rate of metal needed for construction, electronics, and other technology.


Different Kinds of Cars We Take:

Premium Cars are cars that are worth more than just scrap value. The difference between the two is the value of the car and the condition. Some factors include if the car is 2002 or newer, the model, and the condition of the car. Let’s say you have a 2005 Honda Civic and the engine went out on it. The body is in good or fair condition and the interior is clean. You have a title in hand and you don’t have the money to put in the new engine. Give us a call with the correct information and we will give you more than a scrap car quote. Always make sure to give us correct details on what the vehicles condition is for an accurate quote. 

Scrap Cars are old, wrecked, totaled, dirty, older than 2002, or with too many problems to get them running. Some vehicles that are 2002 and newer but have been in a bad wreck or are in poor condition can be quoted as scrap cars.

There are some cars we don’t pay for but will still gladly pick up for free. For example, if you have a burnt or incomplete car, we will gladly pick it up at no cost to you. We will not pay for burnt or incomplete cars but neither will you. We can haul away cars, trucks, and vans that have had parts taken off of them.


Reported Lost or Stolen Vehicles:

The reason we write down the customers name, address, ID#, and date of birth is for our company’s protection against lost or reported stolen vehicles. If a vehicle we buy is later reported stolen or lost, we will have all the information on who sold us the vehicle and they will be held responsible for it. We always run a VIN inspection on all cars and we will not pick up lost or stolen vehicles.

We are always looking for complete, running, or non-running vehicles to purchase.

No title, no problem: Can’t find your title? No problem! If you moved and just can’t find your title, give us a call we will pick up the car anyways. The process for selling a car with no title is very simple. If you have the registration, we can use that like a title. If you happen to not have either one, it’s still not a problem for us. Just show us your Colorado ID! We will write down your information on a Colorado Bill of Sale. All of our drivers carry all the paper work necessary to make it easy for the seller.