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How to Sell Your Old or Junk Car in Colorado

July 5, 2018

So you’ve finally made the big decision, the decision to call to get cash for your junk car, but wait you don’t know what you need. The process for selling your old car is really simple you call a company that buys old beat up working or non working cars, such as ACE Auto, and set up a time and a place for pickup, and when the driver arrives to the address, you simply give them the title in exchange for the cash for your junk car.

Maybe you are unaware of why the vehicle title is important when selling your old junk car. The title of the car is basically a piece of paper that clearly states you as the vehicle owner, this is important because the tow truck driving companies need to know that they are paying cash for a junk car that does in fact belong to you, and to ensure it is not stolen. Many companies may say no title, no cash but luckily when doing business with ACE Auto Recycling there are two other alternative options if you don’t have the title of your vehicle.

There are different reasons that you could have misplaced your title, but with ACE Auto you can also provide the car registration. Registration of a vehicle is similar to a title, the registration is a piece of paper that shows the name of the vehicle owner along with their address, the license plate number, the VIN number and other important pieces of information, which is why it can be used in place of a car title. If for some reason you have neither the car title or the car registration, then ACE Auto provides one last option, as long as you have not lost your Colorado License or I.D then there should be no problem. All you’ll have to do is show the I.D to the driver, so that they can write down information such as your nameand address and then all you’ll need to do is sign a Colorado Bill of Sale, which is provided by ACE Auto at your convenience.

A bill of sale, is basically a document that is signed by the owner of the vehicle and it is stating that they are selling it and giving the ownership of the car or truck to another person or business like ACE Auto Recycling. The process of selling your junk car is quick and convenient, you most likely have all you need. When doing business with ACE Auto it is even more convenient since they provide alternative options if you have misplaced important vehicle information such as the vehicle title or the vehicle registration. Now you know everything you need for the process, it’s quick and easy! Don’t hesitate, if you have an old car that you no longer want sitting in front of your house or business, find the title or registration and call ACE Auto Recycling and put cash in your wallet!