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Christmas in July

July 23, 2018

Have you had your eye on that pair of shoes for months, or have you been wanting to buy that new toy that your kids have been wanting? You’re probably telling yourself, “Just wait for Christmas… there is only a couple of more months.” or, “ I’ll buy them when my Christmas bonus comes around.” What if I told you that Christmas can come early this year!?

That’s right, this year Christmas is coming early and it’ll be in July. Now you don’t have to wait for those cute new shoes or that new tool you’ve been wanting to buy! It’s quite simple, the answer is in that non running car that takes up all of the space in your garage, the one that you’ve poured hundreds of dollars in trying to fix and nothing seems to help it. Did you know that there are companies that want those cars? They want them so much so that they are willing to pay you cash for them and tow them away! That old car that you thought was worth nothing does in fact still have value. Although the amount of money you get from your junk car varies and depends on the car or truck itself, you are sure to get at least some money for it.

You might wonder why there are people who want old junk cars, or why they are even worth money. Once the junk car is removed from your home, the tow truck driver’s take the junk cars or trucks to the junkyard. At the junkyard the cars are scrapped, the metals from those old cars are recycled and they are reused, not only the metals but also other things as well for example the tires, or certain things under the hood as well. Junk yards pay for those old cars which is why you get paid for them as well. Maybe you’re finding that you need a little extra cash this month, whether it’s to go on a shopping spree or take your family out. Whatever the case may be, if you have an old junk car you can make that happen and the best part is you won’t need to put much effort in at all! Make Christmas come early this year and put a couple of hundreds in your pocket!