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The Dangers of Towing in Denver

August 13, 2018

Over the years it seems that the number of tow trucks you see driving in and around Denver has drastically increased. Although there are many pros to having and driving tow trucks, there are also some challenges - well... for the driver.

Towing cars can be difficult for numerous reasons. It can be a risky and dangerous job. A major difficulty that tow truck drivers face is the space the truck requires. Driving around from location to location can sometimes be difficult for a regular sized vehicle, but for a tow truck it becomes at least 5 times harder because of its size. This includes getting in and out of lanes, parking in a parking lot, and through construction zones. Tow trucks don’t choose where they can pick up cars from, they can be in old garages, parked in between other cars or in packed lots. The tow truck driver cannot simply snap their fingers and have the car or truck on the flatbed. The driver has to take into account the space that they have to work with, whether it is in an alley or in small tight neighborhood or even the interstate.

The driver also faces safety risks when towing vehicles. As you drive down the highway it is not uncommon to see stalled cars on the shoulder, typically the only way for those cars to be removed is by a tow truck. It is a very risky job to pick up a car on a busy highway or street due to the cars moving at such high speeds and the constant changing of lanes. There have been fallen tow truck drivers, this is because of other people who were carelessly driving and not paying attention to everything around them, as an everyday driver you should always be aware and be safe around stalled cars, and tow trucks and their drivers and if possible give them as much room as you can by switching lanes to help make it a little safer. ACE Auto recycling has experienced a death of a tow truck driver in their own family, so they know first hand how important it is to keep safety as a priority.

One more difficulty that tow truck drivers experience is adverse weather conditions. The weather is uncontrollable so towing vehicles happens in rain, snow or shine. Weather affects the road conditions which can make the commute much longer and it can affect the cars that will be picked up because the weather can make the cars harder to get to, whether it is in or behind a mound of snow, or possibly on an icy road. Not to mention the drivers work outside so this means they endure below freezing temperatures, or scorching hot temperatures and all the weather in between.

Towing vehicles is not an easy task it requires a lot of work, patience and strategizing. Although tow trucks are so convenient and are helpful in transporting vehicles or taking junk cars and trucks off your hands, make sure and leave it to the professional. Do business with ACE Auto Recycling they have over 2 decades of experience and expertise in towing. They know the best strategies when it comes to towing vehicles and safety for their drivers and customers is always at the front of their mind when doing business. Don’t hassle and worry about towing an old car or truck away leave it to the experts at ACE auto.