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See a Tow Truck in Denver? Make Sure you Follow the Move Over Law.

October 22, 2018

Has your car ever left you stranded in the middle of a road or stuck in a place far away from home? If this has happened to you, then I am guessing you know the stressful feeling of being the only car stopped while other cars are zooming past yours at 60+ mph on an interstate. While you're surrounded by traffic on the side of the road, you have little to no room to get out and assess the problem.

A stalled vehicle is stressful enough for a person to deal with, not knowing what exactly is going on with their car or truck and having to figure out how to solve this issue quickly, without having the added tension from all of the cars that are driving so quickly and closely. Not only is it stressful for the owner of the vehicle but also for the responders such as the police, ambulances, or tow truck drivers. If you are driving and you hear sirens in the distance and see an emergency vehicle such as a police car or an ambulance, it is likely your first instinc is to move over. You move as much to the right as you can in order to ensure that the emergency vehicle can get through easily and ultimately get to their destination as quickly as they can.

Many people may not realize that it is also an action that should be taken when you see a tow truck driving with their lights on. It is not something that is simply done out of the goodness of your heart or something that is optional, but it is the law to move over when you see any emergency vehicle or tow trucks and service trucks with their lights or sirens on. The Move Over Law, ensures that enough space will be allotted for the tow truck, which is significantly longer than an average sized car and truck to get through to the stalled car quickly and efficiently. The law is in place as a result of both emergency responders and tow truck drivers who have been hurt and sometimes killed on the job because of surrounding traffic. The injuries and deaths that have occured may have been avoided in many cases if the other drivers would have switched lanes or slowed down if not possible.

You may not be able to help a stalled car in a physical way by giving them a jump start or by giving them gas, but you can help them by giving them a peace of mind and moving over or slowing down to ensure the most safety possible. ACE Auto is a family owned business, whose family has personally experienced a tragic death of a tow truck driver simply because of other unaware,careless drivers who did not move over during a car pickup. Help them help you and other fellow civilians. If possible, whenever you see an emergency responder or tow truck, switch lanes and get as far away from them as you can or slow down if not possible! ACE Auto has safety and efficiency at the front of their mind always. They want to help their customers safely and keep themselves safe. So always remember to Move Over and let those around you know as well. You can help make things just a little safer and easier!