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Denver Auto Salvage is Good for the Environment and Good for You

November 12, 2018

Once you sell your junk car or truck do you ever wonder what exactly happens to it? Selling your junk car is probably one of the best things you can do when a car is no longer functioning as it used to. Recycling a car is very good for the environment, and it is also beneficial to the customer because they can get money out of a car that they thought had lost all of its’ value. While you’re either driving your newer car or just shopping for it, your old junk vehicle is being scrapped and gutted and made 100 times more useful than when it was just sitting in the driveway.

Did you know that a car cannot be scrapped whole, just the way it was taken to the junkyard? First, it needs to be gutted, which basically means that all the parts that can’t become recycled metals must be removed. This consists of many different vehicle parts for example, things within the interior such as the radio, mirrors, seats, windows etc, and everything under the hood that isn’t metal such as oils or fluids. Once everything is removed from the car, it will look completely empty and bare, but that means it is ready to be scrapped. From the pieces that were removed from the car the junk yards will determine if anything is in good enough condition to reuse in other vehicles.

In some cases people will need parts for their car or truck but buying brand new parts is not an option, therefore they look at junkyards where they can get a part for much cheaper. Therefore, people who sell their junk cars are not only saving the environment by helping Reduce, Reuse and Recycle but are also saving other people's wallets. Once the metals are separated and crushed they are ready to be reused. The metals are taken and made into many new things, that could be found in items we see in our everyday lives whether it is a new car part, an item you find in your kitchen like a toaster, or lamp base and possibly even in your phone! Auto recycling is beneficial for the environment. Cars that no longer drive or function and are thought to have no value are taken and used for multiple purposes.

Your junk car can be next to make the environment a better place, call ACE Auto Recycling where they want to reduce,reuse and recycle old junk cars and want to give you cash to do so. Why let your car sit in a lot, when it can help serve another purpose?