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Wrecked Your Car, Sell Your Car and Get Cash Today!

January 27, 2021

It’s winter the roads are icy. Suddenly your car starts sliding and the next thing you know you are slammed into a tree. You get out of the car and see the front end of your car is wrapped around the tree. What do you do now? The repairs to fix your car cost more than your car is worth. The car is now undriveable and your insurance now labels it salvage. You are now wondering what to do with it? A licensed scrap car buyer will buy and tow your car for free. Plus pay you cash on the spot. When you call a scrap car buyer you will need to have the year make and model of your car. The next step is getting the best quote.

Don't waste your time calling around different car scrap buyers. Call Ace Auto Recycling for your car scrapping needs. Ace is a licensed scrap car buyer. Ace Auto Recycling will pay you cash on the spot for your car. Ace buys all types of car, make and models. It doesn't matter how much damage the car has Ace recycles all wrecked vehicles. When you call Ace auto a friendly customer service agent will give you the best quote for your car. They will set up a pick up appointment. It can either be the same day pick up or anytime that works with your schedule. They are available 7 days a week. Yes they will even pick up your car on Sunday. They work with your schedule and make it very easy on the day of the pick up. All you need to have is your keys and title in hand.

When the tow truck driver arrives at the address he will pay you cash on the spot for your car. It will take less than 5 minutes to pick up the car. It's that easy. Ace then takes your car to a junk yard where it can be parted for parts. There your car will still have use for someone else. Many people are always looking for a part to fix their car. It can be a door or maybe a seat. All the pieces that were not damaged are still useful to someone else. Another way Ace Recycling will recycle your car is by taking it to the recycling yard. There they will crush and recycle the car. Once the car is crushed it then gets shipped to another recycling center where it is shredded. After it's shredded it is separated into small pieces. Those pieces are sorted into different metals. Those metals are then used to make many different recycled items. Many of those items are even household items.

Remember if one day you ever wreck your car and you think it's not useful to you anymore consider recycling it for cash. Call Ace Auto recycling for your wrecked car recycling needs. Remember your wrecked car is worth money in your wallet!