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Auto Salvage and Top Dollar For Your Junk Cars

February 22, 2021

Despite the fact that cars have always been built to last a long time the reality is that all cars have a lifespan. Here in America the typical lifespan of a vehicle is 12 years. When a car hits the end of its roadworthy lifespan people usually tend to recycle them. Cars, Trucks and Vans are the most recycled consumer product of the world today. Once a vehicle goes to a recycling yard it hits the end of its life as a roadworthy car. The first step to recycling a junk vehicle is to call a junk car buyer. Ace Auto Recycling specializes in picking up junk cars, trucks and vans.They will pay you cash on the spot and take your car to the recycling yard.

At the recycling yard the cars are cleaned and processed. They are drained from any fluids. This includes engine fluids, oil, gas, coolant, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, and brake fluid. This process makes it safe to crush the vehicle and also helps reduce the chance of fires. Other parts that are removed before the vehicle is crushed is tires and batteries. After the process of cleaning it out from hazardous liquids it is crushed compacted into a semi where it is shipped off to the processing yard. At the processing yard it is shredded and different metals are separated. The most common car scrap metals are steel, copper wiring, plastic, and aluminum. Large industrial magnets lift up and separate these metals and then it is pressed into metal cubes or pressed flat. This process is to facilitate transportation in bulk to the hammer mill. At the hammer mill these metals are further reduced to fist size metals. These metals can now be used to make new cars, aircrafts, industrial containers, appliances, plumbing and new food packaging.

According to auto recycling statistics 80% of a vehicle is recycled. New vehicles contain about 25% of its body from recycled steel. Most automakers have pledged to become more eco friendly. This change will reduce the amount of waste produced and it will provide more jobs for recycling companies and junk car buyers like Ace Auto Recycling and recycling yards. All the new vehicles arriving at the dealers have recycled material from cars that have ended its roadworthy lifespan. The vehicles being recycled in the U.S. and Canada provide enough steel to produce 13 million new cars. The material that is recycled not only is used to make new cars. Tires are used to make artificial turf, mulch, rubberized asphalt for roads and fuel.

Most auto recyclers are small businesses like Ace Auto Recycling. These companies are the first step to recycling your car. They are the ones who start the process of recycling junk cars and converting them into new products. Ace Auto Recycling is an eco friendly company. They pay the top price for your cars, trucks and vans. Next time your car breaks down and is just not worth fixing anymore think about recycling it. You will be doing a good thing for the earth and your pocket. Make the eco friendly choice and call Ace Auto Recycling for your junk car. Ace will pay you cash on the spot and pick it up the same day. Contact us Today.